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BlueOceanIOT® NMEA2000 Application software and devices for the Internet of Things (IoT)

NMEA2000 devices offer a wealth of vessel data. The goal is to harvest this data for long and short term monitoring. The vessel data needs both local realtime data and long term data analysis. Local realtime data is necessary for safe operation of the vessel and is quite helpful for navigation. Instead of loggers with an SD card, a long term cloud storage of data is needed for BI and AI pattern analysis. The larger the number of NMEA devices the more configuration and control of the distributed system becomes important

You can get started with a small system and add incrementally to build out a system. Older marine electronics using NMEA 0183 can be simply added to a NMEA 2000 network using a low cost gateway

We can help with consulting, system design & implementation, custom devices, application software and system troubleshooting. We also intend to have new innovative products in the near future

Application software

NMEA2000 Win10 Application which brings NMEA2000 device data to the Azure cloud IOT HUB. This allows monitoring and control of NMEA systems where data can be logged to the cloud for further data analysis. Using Azure technologies device configuration can be pushed down to the NMEA2000 device network

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BlueOceanIOT® builds NMEA2000 devices. We are a NMEA manufacture. We also write software for micro controllers that emulate devices on the NMEA2000 network. Emulators help by allowing development of new systems and devices

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Custom system design

We also offer custom NMEA system designs for recreational and commercial vessels. As well as existing system enhancements. This is based on real experience with multiple vessels and older electronics upgrades

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